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Our lunch system is new and improved.  Our online system allows credit card payments of Visa or Mastercard.  Login and email verification are required in order to access the menu.  Email verification is only necessary for the first access, and to ensure the security of our system.

The HotLunch System ordering is open from the 10th through the 17th of every month, with the exception of the first month of school. 

Missed Lunch: Please note that missed lunches are not refundable.  

Lactose-Free Alternatives: If you would like your child to receive an orange juice, please order it directly through the Hot Lunch System.

Monthly Menu:

  •  September Menu Coming Soon!  

Account Setup & Access:

1)     Access the Hot Lunch System at:
2)      Email Verification: All families will need to set up a new account and verify their email address through their email system, in order to access the Hot Lunch Program.
3)     BFSMS School Code is 194.
5)      New Students: If this is your first time ordering for a new student, you will have to create a new user account through the URL given in #1, and select the 'click here' hyperlink within the 'Parents click here to sign up' sentence.
6)      Established Students: If you have not ordered a Hot Lunch this year, please verify and update your child's grade and teacher before you place your order

How to place an order:

1) If you are on a mobile device, please select the triple horizontal lines on the upper left-hand side to get the full drop-down menu.
2) Once you can see the full list, select the 'Orders' link on the left.
3) Select 'New Order' from the sub-menu.
4) Find your child's name on the right and select the 'Order' button.
5) You will see the current menu available for ordering.  Select the 'Order' button again to the right of the menu.
6) Select your entrees and any extras.  All entrees come with milk. 
7) When you are done, select the blue 'Checkout' button on the upper right hand of your order list.
8) Finally, select 'Pay Invoice' and follow the payment prompts.
You will receive 2 emails (1 Order confirmation and 1 Payment receipt when payment is complete).