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BFSMS Physicals/Vaccinations Form and Hearing & Vision Screenings

Physical/Vaccination Requirement (Yearly)

Yearly Physical and Immunization forms are due as soon as possible, but no later than the 31st of September.  If you have not submitted your student's form for this school year, you may submit the form at our front office, or to your student's homeroom teacher.  This form is needed to complete our yearly immunization audit.  You can find a printable version at Physical & Immunization Form.

Hearing & Vision Screenings

We must submit yearly audit results to the State of Texas Department of State Health Services.  You can drop off these results, at our front office, or sent to your student's teacher.  The following students must have Hearing and Vision screenings:

  • 4-years-old by September 1st
  • Kindergartners & any other first-time entrants - must be screened within 120 days of admission
  • 1st-, 3rd-, 5th- and 7th-graders must be screened anytime within the school year (preferably within the first semester)

If your child has not been screened, you can have this done at your Pediatrician's office and most walk-in clinics.  

You can read more about the State of Texas Hearing and vision requirements at: