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Fire Drill & Evacuation Procedures


Fire Drill Procedure:

  • Teachers will remove all of their students, place the Evacuation Sign on their doors and lock them.
  • Classes will move to the top parking lot where instructions will be given.
  • Teachers will remind students to have zero voice level until they are in the lot and directions have been given. Then, they may use quiet voices to talk to each other.
  • Special Area Teachers will escort their classes to the upper lot where they will be met with their students’ classroom teacher.
  • Teachers will take roll to make sure every student is present and report to Development and Admissions Director.
  • Office staff will check the clinic and bring any children to the lot where they are to join their class.
  • No one may remain or return to rooms or buildings until directed by HOS
  • If we are unable to return to our classrooms or need to walk to an evacuation site,  teachers will call their home room mom or an alternate to start the Phone Chain with specific  instructions for parents or guardians.

Evacuation Procedure:

HOS will direct teachers to take their classes to one of the following evacuation areas:
  • The Anthony Apts. On the corner of Wilderness Oak and Canyon Golf Rd.
  • The Recreation Center/Swimming Pool at Canyon Springs on Canyon Golf Rd.
  • The CVS parking lot at the corner of Stone Oak and Canyon Golf Rd.
Students will walk in single file on the sidewalks to the evacuation center.
Teachers will start the Phone Chain with directions for parents.
Teachers will record who has picked up each one of their students as they leave.

Primary and Secondary Relocation Sites:

The Anthony at Canyon Springs
24245 Wilderness Oak  
Walk NORTH across Wilderness Oak left into the drive to the office area.      
Phone # 210-545-2400 
Canyon Springs Recreation Center  
Walk NORTH on Canyon Golf Street until you reach the swimming pool and playground area.                           
Phone # 210-342-1181                         
CVS Pharmacy  
20203 Stone Oak  Blvd.
Walk SOUTH on Canyon Golf until you reach the parking lot.
Phone # 210-481-5598
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