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Justin Hartshorn
Justin Hartshorn
Middle School Science
Groups: Faculty,05 Grade,06 Grade,07 Grade,08 Grade,MS Classes
  • College Southwestern Univiersty

I believe learning should be a enjoyable experience that continuously challenges us. As we all know, everyone is different, having different strengths and learning styles. The school days will filled with a variety of activities that engage the students, limiting lecturing to a minimum.

Here's a bit about myself. I am married to Melissa Hartshorn (yes she works at BFSMS as well). We have two boys. I was born overseas, and moved to McAllen in South Texas when I was nine.

I played tennis growing up and was on the debate team in high school. After graduating from McAllen High School, I attended Southwestern University initially starting as a pre-engineering major. After a year and a half, I switched to accounting knowing I could still graduate in 4 years.

Besides enjoying time with the family, I am fond of hiking, mountain biking and traveling. Learning in general has always been an interest, whether it is reading an article about a new technology, trying out a new activity, or visiting a new place.