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Excellent Achievement From Former Students
Mrs. Newman,
Hello!  I hope you are doing well and ready for the summer.  I wanted to let you know that Henry Anthony graduated this past weekend and will be off to college in August to play baseball at Steven F. Austin.  I have included a picture of him.  
Henry and Chris Gokelman were the first recipients of the scholarship to St. Anthony in 2011.  Chris is an excellent musician will be be attending Oberlin College & Conservatory where he will be studying music.  Chris was the Valedictorian of our class and was an outstanding student (you can see all of his honor cords around his neck.  He has received so many awards that it’s hard to list them all.  He also earned over $400,000 in scholarship money).  Henry also had an outstanding 4 years at St. Anthony.  He was in the top 20% of his class, a member of the National Honor Society, signed a Division I Baseball Scholarship and was named MVP for both Football and Baseball in both 2014 and 2015.  I wanted to share this with you because they graduated from Buckner Fanning and the school did an excellent job preparing them for High School. Definitely, something BFSMS should be proud of!
Additionally, I wanted to let you know that I was at the Academic Banquet for St. Anthony’s a few weeks ago and this past year we had 6 students from Buckner Fanning attending St. Anthony’s as a part of the scholarship program.  Of the 6 students – 4 were in the top 10 in their class and 2 of the 4 were ranked #1 (Michael and Chris are ranked #1 and Zach is ranked #5.  Chris Wahl is in the top 10 as well).  3 of the 6 are the upperclassman and all 3 are in the National Honor Society.  I’m very proud of our boys and wanted to share this with you.  Lots of good things to come.
Have a great summer!
Thank you,
- L. Sanchez

"It takes a village they say.....Buckner Fanning is such part of our village.  Our kids have been part of this school for a great part of their lives and it has always felt like home. The wonderful staff and caring teachers have become our friends and we love the environment our children are being taught in. Academics are the best around. Not only are our kids learning one grade above their grade level in a well rounded Christian environment, but the small classes make it a personalized experience which has helped our children thrive. There is no perfect school but Buckner thrives to be great in every way always keeping in mind the children's individual needs. We love our school" - Sonia R.

"My husband and I are extremely impressed by the curriculum, atmosphere and staff at BFSMS. Looking back, we regret not enrolling our daughter there sooner. The classes are small, the teachers are super dedicated and all the staff are very attentive and know all the kids by name. I am always impressed how every staff I interacted throughout the school know my daughter. The campus is beautiful and they do several activities outside, allowing children to interact with nature.  Mostly importantly, the Christian education goes beyond calling themselves a Christian school. It is ingrained in their activities, from stories and songs to prayers. My daughter comes home singing many of those songs and telling me many Bible stories. Being a Christian parent, this is very important to me- that the foundation we set at home extends to the school time and is therefore reinforced.  We could not be more thrilled!" - Maria Araujo

"We transferred our third grade daughter here from a public school last year. Buckner Fanning has been an excellent fit. The class sizes are small enough to allow the teacher to really connect with and reach each child. We have been so impressed with both 3rd and 4th grade teachers. The campus is warm and friendly; a place that invites imagination to take flight. It is special to find a place where you know your child is loved, challenged, and supported by everyone who works there. We have loved the happiness and excitement for education that Buckner Fanning has lit in our little girl. No one person has made this school the excellent fit that it is for our daughter. It has been the contribution of all who work there; office staff, specials teachers, and her teacher.  Thank you for filling your campus with loving educators!  Each of you is counted a blessing in our life." - Lezlie Terry

"This school is an amazing bubble of learning and love tucked away without much press.  We enrolled 3 years ago and have never looked back. The teachers have a love of children which makes them phenomenal teachers.
Teacher-to-student ratios are also impressive.  We love our school! I strongly recommend going on a tour." - The Simon Family 

"It has been an amazing journey here at BFSMS.  We are blessed to send our daughter, Sennett, to this school since pre-kindergarten and see her grow both spiritually and academically.  We have witnessed the growth of this school each year and are grateful for Mrs. Newman's vision, teacher's dedication, and parents' unconditional support.  We are truly blessed to be a part of this dynamic Christian team." - Dr. Hyun Joo Chung

"We have been nothing short of impressed with the staff and leadership at BFSMS.  Our child is doing wonderfully, and is making friends with great kids!" - Marshall Moody

My son is now in third grade (his fifth year at BFSMS) and is flourishing in many ways. He continues to be well ahead of the public school standards. The teachers and staff are very caring and every child receives the individual attention he or she deserves. He is provided with enrichment exercises in the classroom to make sure he stays challenged after he has mastered the current lessons. I have seen with the older children that the curriculum is sequenced very well from grade to grade.
He and the other third-graders are working hard to learn to take ownership of their own responsibilities. This has been a transition year, moving from the lower grades,  where they have much more hand-holding, to the upper grades, where they have to be more self-directed. The emphasis on developing the children academically, but also socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually is of immeasurable worth.
I feel my son will be better prepared for the future as a result of attending Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs. - LeAnna Kosub
"My name is Vadrina Johnson and my son Sterling (at right) attended The School at Mission Springs (now Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs) from 1998-2000. He was in the charter kindergarten class. I visited the school back in October while I was working in the area. We currently live in Plano and Sterling is about to complete his freshman year at Yale University.
   The School at Mission Springs provided me with the education and motivation to persevere and excel," Sterling said about his experience at the school.  We would like to extend thanks to the teachers, staff and the school for providing a great education foundation for Sterling." - Vadrina Johnson
"First things first, the Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs was by far one of the best choices my husband and I had made for our daughter. She had a little trouble with her friends in fifth grade and that made us decide she deserved better and to try private schooling. As soon as we visited Buckner’s campus and met a few of the teachers we were excited and followed through with the open house, their tour and curriculum schedule example, and knew this was going to be great for her.  The small class sizes were perfect. The school is a Christian school; it was an incredible wonder to watch our daughter learn something about church, God, hymns and prayer.
   After the first year at BFSMS, with all the festivals, Christmas bazaars, barbecues, field trips and parent/teacher meetings, trust me, you become one big family! To this day, we miss them terribly and even though my daughter is now a junior in high school, we are still friends and still keep in touch.
   Buckner Fanning is one thing in our books we did right for our child. We will always miss the school, and we know our child got an opportunity that would have never happened in a public school setting. We’re thankful for all of them and their job is such a difficult one, but they do it, and do it very well." - Sherry Seidenberger
"Firstly, my sincerest gratitude to The Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs (BFSMS) for the past assistance we have been granted. (My son) has attended BFSMS since he was in Kindergarten and my wish for him to continue is based upon the education he is receiving. My son is being educated far beyond academics. He is nourished spiritually, encouraged socially and strengthened physically. My purpose of being his mother is shared with BFSMS in offering him the best. My expectations have been realized through this education and it serves as the foundation for the greatness he will have in his life. BFSMS has been a remarkable partner!" -  Angela Holliday
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