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Our program profile

Mascot: Bobcats
Primary colors: Navy and Gold
Middle school sports: 6-man football, volleyball, girls and boys basketball, track and field



Athletics is an integral and desirable part of the total education process for those students who participate. Participation is optional and shall not be a required activity. For those who desire to be a part of the program, stringent rules involving discipline, hard work, and academic achievement are involved.
The athletic program is set up to teach our students more than just the rules of a particular sport. Unity, Toughness, Excellence, and Character are points of emphasis that will be taught.
Our program will be continuously improving and well balanced. Every athlete who wishes to participate will be given an equal opportunity to compete for a position. Every student who participates must be made to feel equally important to the success of the program.
It is our desire that a student’s involvement in the SMS athletic programs be one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences in their life.
At the BFSMS our athletic program consist of the following:
  •     BFSMS shall provide a safe environment for our athletes to practice and play.
  •     The school shall provide coaches that will provide opportunities for the athletes to develop skills and continually improve their playing ability.
  •     The school will provide opportunities for students to develop discipline, sportsmanship, responsibility, teamwork, leadership and a healthy competitive attitude.
  •     The school will provide physical conditioning and healthy nutrition information.
  •     The school will attempt to provide a positive experience whether the team wins or loses.
  •     The school will require that students, while playing sports maintain a high academic standard.


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