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In order to track and measure academic knowledge and progress year to year, we issue The Stanford Achievement Test Series for students in grades 1-8.   The purpose of the test is for Teachers to receive specific information to support instructional planning for individual students and the class as well as to improve their overall teaching. Parents gain a better understanding of their child's achievement level and get direction for home involvement.

The reports include narrative summaries, process and cluster summaries, and graphic displays to clarify the student's performance and guide planning and analysis. Administrators obtain critical data to document and monitor the progress of all children and to disseminate results according to federal mandates.  It is important to note, while we teach test taking skills, we do not spend a significant amount of class time preparing for the exam.

The results of the Test Scores indicate the average grade level at which the students are performing.  For example, the 3rd class was reading between a 7th/8th grade reading level and the same for math.  Overall, our students are performing an average of 3 grade levels above in Math and Reading

Buckner Fanning at Mission Spring's Test Results