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Now Enrolling for the 2021/2022 School Year


Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs exists to foster student's success and the love of God and others through mind, body and strength.

We recognize that positive self-esteem rises through self-respect as a result of hard work, accomplishments, respect for others, and sincere encouragement from our faculty and staff.  We consider this piece to be an integral part of our education program.  We are dedicated to our students and their f...
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Our Programs


Students push their imagination and build the foundation for problem solving in a fun and special environment. 

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Elementary School (Kindergarten-4th Grade)

Committment to exemplary academics using a combination of Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, STEAM, Fine Arts, and Christian Education.

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Middle School

Students build the confidence to embrace the future with boldness and curiosity.

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News & Announcements

Strengths-Based Education

Strengths-Based Schools Better Prepare Your Child for the Future  By Sharon N...

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